Summer Adventure 2011

Day 27 July 10, 2011 (Brian)

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9:00 Got up in good time for once… Last day. Daynen had, once again, started packing up the trailer. You’d think he enjoys it. Trailer was hooked up by 9:45. Kids were playing on an old army tank at the playground.

Got gas and a lovely Amaretto flavoured coffee.

12:00 Went to WalMart in Chesterfield, Michigan just north of Detroit. Gotta do some shopping don’tcha know?

3:00 Left WalMart for home. Got off the interstate just before the boarder to get gas and couldn’t get back on as the two closest entrances to the highway to Canada were closed. We could get off but not on. At one point it almost looked like we’d have to go back to the entrance by the Walmart that we were just at. Eventually we just turned around and picked up the detour sights. Had to stop at a lift bridge to let some boats through.

Almost got on the bridge to Canada but then I saw the Duty Free Shop. Pulled in there and got some stuff.

5:00 Pulled out of the Duty Free onto the entrance to the bridge to Canada and man was it packed. I thought that it was customs then I realized that it was just for the toll for the bridge. It got worse when we realized that the cars were lined up all the way across the bridge. Uuuugh!! Then we realized that this is why we usually don’t cross the boarders on a Sunday afternoon.

5:52 Crossed the border.

5:53 Had to tell Michelle that the speed limit is only 50 Kilometers per hour, not miles. Had to reminder her again. Then she said that she’s only going 50. I had to remind her that she was doing 50 Miles per hour. J

8:00 Stopped for ice cream on the 401… just to get the kids wired up.

10:30 Arrived at Allyce’s to pick up my car (which she borrowed for a bit while we were away).

10:45 Pulled in the drive way… Odometer read 10817.3 KM.

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Summer Adventure 2011

Day 26 July 9, 2011 (Breah and Brian)

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10:00 Got up a bit late again. Daynen started packing down the trailer again.

1:30 in st. Louis. Home of bits and pieces

1:53 passed the st. Louis arch

Michelle drove for a few hours…

6:30 Indianapolis, Indiana. Found a campground by using the small GPS and Streets and Trips. Got a phone number and called them. They have someone on the gate 24 hours so we should be ok.

Got a bit off route on the East side of Indianapolis. Thank you very much stupid GPS software…

10:30 – in Michigan

Went over the 10000 k mark not long after.

Got to Greenwood Acers Family campground around 11:30. We had called ahead so we knew where we were going.

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Summer Adventure 2011

Day 25 July 8, 2011 (Michelle)

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The Rv park had pull through sites that were easy to park in. They had discounts for AAA members so the stay only cost $28. There were antique guns to look at in the store, and some really fun free post cards and books. Breah & Caelan bought icecream there.

10:30 – left Amarillo.

12:34 – entered Oklahoma. This area is pretty boring to drive through…

1:15 – Saw a trucker trying to put out a fire with his feet. I looks like it could have started when he blew a tire and the container slid off the back of his truck.

8:12 Entered MO.

12:00am: After a lot of mucking about, we ended up at glen-oaks rv park. Dad though it was(and i quote) called “big-bash-Ceders RV park”(but it wasn’t);set up quickly and went 2 bed

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Summer Adventure 2011

Day 24 July 7, 2011 (Michelle)

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9:00 – Officially leaving for home. We have now traveled 6903.4 k. Got gas and on the highway after only 2 or three U-turns.

11:20 crossed into New Mexico, it looks a lot like Arizona…

Jumped ahead an hour.

1:00 –crossed the continental divide.

Saw licence plates from Mexico and Guam.

Keep seeing “zero visibility possible” signs and wondering if we should be worried.

Saw some pretty cool dust devils.

7:00 – went through Roswell but we didn’t see any aliens…

9:06 – crossed state line into Texas. Don’t mess with Texas

11:30 – Found a really nice RV park. Brian got it in his head that we could camp for free at a truck stop and wanted to check 3 or 4 out before we decided truck stop and pop up trailer didn’t really go together very well. I felt a little bit creepy at the thought of trying to sleep in amongst big trucks with their engines running. And only a thin wall of canvas between us and them.

The Rv park had pull through sites that were easy to park in. They had discounts for AAA members so the stay only cost $28. There were antique guns to look at in the store, and some really fun free post cards and books.

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Summer Adventure 2011

Day 23: 6-July-2011 (Brian)

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Amanda made us a wonderful breakfast of eggs baked in some ham. Mmmm… they were good. The kids all played together while we got ready to go out. The plan is to go to the zoo for a couple of hours. It’s really close to Jeff and Amanda’s. It’s pretty hot out alreay (11-0-clock). It’s already 94F!!! Gonna be a schorcher…

3:00 – Just got back from the zoo. Wow, that was the coolest thing ever. The zoo is not very big so you don’t have to walk very far to see stuff. They also let you get close to the animals so it’s really up close and personal. There are some peacocks that wander freely through the zoo. Wild!!! Probably the best zoo that I’ve ever been to. Way better than the Toronto one.

Oh, and it’s still really hot out. Waiting for the monsoon to roll in… Amanda says that during monsoon season the storm rolls in at the same time every day…

Went to Costco with Michelle and Amanda. Had to get photo paper that Michelle can’t get back in Canada to print out all the pictures that we’re taking…

Hung around the rest of the day. Wen’t for a walk around the neighborhood. Lots of very square looking houses that look like they’re made out of red mud.

Watched Fantastic 4 with Jeff and the kids…

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Summer Adventure 2011

Day 22: 5-July-2011 (Michelle)

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Left the gas station at Pipe Springs at 9:00.

We stopped at a scenic lookout just at the start of the Vermillion Cliffs and took pictures. There were some Indian tables to look at too. Caelan got a little canoe, and Breah got a pair of earings.

11:20 – stopped for construction somewhere in the Navajo Indian Reservation

12:00 – entered Cameron Arizona..

3:30 – saw our first big cactus along the side of the road.

4:26 – outside temp in Phoenix is 114 F / 45 C

6:00 – drove into a Massive sand storm just south of Casa Grande, Arizona. The rain started just past Picacho State Park.

8:00 (B rian) – Got to Amanda and Jeffs. Wow, what a drive. I’m glad that we’re here. J

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Summer Adventure 2011

Day 21: 4-July-2011 (Brian)

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Got up realy late… Ken and Janet had made pancakes, eggs and sausage for breakfast. Did some packing up in the morning…

Hung around in the afternoon so Michelle could play with Janet’s Cricut. Weee… Going to have an early dinner then go to Kanab Ut to watch the fireworks.

Had a great dinner. Ken did some potatoes in his Dutch oven. Once again I feel kinda guilty for not using mine yet. I really gotta get on that when I get home.

Left for Kanab just before 6:30. We all went out to the Moccasin sign to have our picture taken. As I was trying to set the camera up on the hood of our truck someone drove by and asked us if we wanted help so he pulled over and took it for us.

Went to the Hollywood museum in Kanab. There’s been a lot of movies and music videos shot here. So many that they call it Little Hollywood. We saw a show put on by the museum using other tourists. It was pretty funny. There were cowboys and Indians and even a saloon scene. We watched a short skit then browsed the store for a bit.

We went to Ken’s sister in law’s place to watch the fireworks from their front lawn. There was a a lot of traffic down by the park where they were being set off. We took a walk down there and there were lots of people setting them off in their front lawns as well as in the tennis courts. In face I’ve never seen so many fireworks being set off.

Sometime around 10 Utah time they set off the big ones. The fireworks were really cool. Kanab has a park in a blind canyon where the fireworks were set off. It was cool because the light and sound of the fireworks reflected off the canyon walls.

When we were leaving Ken’s sister in law’s we told her that we had an early day and she said that she heard that we were going to Tucson. We said yes and all she said was “I’m sorry”. Apparantly the heat there will make St. George seem cool. is calling for a high of 101 F tomorrow with a possibility of thunder storms. Amanda, Michelle’s cousin who we are going to visit, already said that it is the beginning of their monsoon season. We’ll just have to see how it works out.

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